Alice ar experience

My Role

Digital Makeup, Prop modeling & surfacing

As part of my work with Part IV, I created 2D and 3D assets for an augmented reality photo booth transforming visitors into characters for Disney's then upcoming film Alice Through the Looking Glass. We designed the booth, the experience and the technology, improving upon existing face tracking tech by adding support for realtime dynamic 3D props. Disney gave us a blank slate to work upon, and it was a collaborative effort between both the creative and technical teams to bring this project to realization, as there weren't off-the-shelf solutions for combining 2D facial mapping with head tracking for 3D props with accurate occlusion. Our work won a few awards, including a CLIO!

Genre: Interactive Installation | Platforms: PC | Language: C#, Javascript | Tools: Unity, Adobe CC, Maya, 3DS Max

Team Size: 5 | Duration: 3 1/2 months




I designed the digital makeup, 3D props and textures in the experience. Being that it was an iterative process much of my role allowed me to play with the ways to realize each character in their own individual way. It debuted at D23 Expo 2015, was on display at Disney's California Adventure through 2016, and went on tour to promote the film.