Art Studio VR



This was a quick-and-dirty virtual reality experience where players paint simply using their gaze, created as a speculative client project. I wanted an environment that felt both modern and rustic, with the artwork and blank canvas as the main showcase. 

The use of normal maps and reusable materials for the mostly primitive based 3D models were essential to creating a space that felt detailed enough to be believable, so I spent much of my time perfecting those details that were synonymous with the materials I was trying to emulate.

Genre: Virtual Reality, Art/Demo | Platforms: Oculus/PC | Language: C#, Javascript | Tools Used: Unity 3D, Adobe CC, Maya, 3DS Max |

Team Size: 1 | Duration: 2 days



I used the artwork of master abstract artist Frank Stella throughout the room for its graphic shapes and illusory effects, which felt heightened when viewing the canvases in-game. His work with color mixing, repetition and optical illusion was perfectly suited to populate the environment.

The mechanics I explored proved as a starting point to something more, and gave the client an idea of ways to manipulate the environment without traditional controller input in VR. I used a raycast on a live canvas in Unity to give the Player a space to make their artwork. When they were both close enough to the canvas and looking at it, brush stokes would start to appear in the direction they moved their head.