Frontier Friends

Genre: 3D Platformer, Adventure

Platforms: TBD

Language: C#

Tools Used: Unity 3D, Adobe CC, Maya, 3DS Max

Team Size: 2

My Role: Art Direction, Color Keys, Digital Painting, Concept Design, Characters, Props, Environments, Emotion Sheets, 3D Modeling

A whimsical 3D platforming adventure currently in pre-production.

A throwback to N64-style platformers in the family of Banjo-Kazooie and Mario 64, Frontier Friends is a silly adventure that takes place in rich forests inspired by the amazing vistas in National Parks around the country. I've taken the role as lead designer and have been having a ball returning to my childhood love of cartooning. We're still working on bringing my concepts to life in Unity and 3DS Max, so for now I've provided a peek into some of my visual development process with more to come soon!

Our characters, environments and puzzles are all meant to bring a whimsical stylized approach, with all-ages appeal and tons of fun for everyone involved. Our favorite character so far, and hero in the narrative, is Frankie. She is a rambunctious little squirrel who is the main playable character in Frontier Friends. Her favorite foods are pizza and double chocolate cupcakes, washed down with a glass of speckled lemonade.

We wanted her to feel feminine without being dainty or delicate, as Frankie is the most adventurous of the Frontier Friends and doesn't shy away from a challenge. She's vivacious, silly, and always ready for a new adventure. It was important that her design reflect these qualities while also being versatile enough to be heavily animated and look great as an interactive, 3D character.

Some of the features and mechanics we are developing include:

  • Swappable playable characters
  • Collectible items
  • Unique puzzle mechanics
  • Re-playable stages with bonus/hidden areas
  • Unlockable items
  • Secret stages and achievements
  • Environment-altering gameplay

Work in Progress Concept Design

Some of the initial characters, props and environment pieces I've begun to piece together for the game.