TIFF's the Review: Issue #17

An article penned by myself and my friend/collaborator, Paisley Smith for the Toronto International Film Festival.

I Lost my Friend, But His Voice and Music Live on in my Game

A piece I wrote for Engadget about my experience as a developer, losing my friend and collaborator to suicide.

The Movement to Get More Women In VR

An article covering Virtual Reality Girls, the organization I help run here in Los Angeles, as well as Women In VR, our friends in the Bay Area.

Indie Spotlight: Exploring the Absurd World of Dead Bug Creek

An article by the wonderful Jonathan Nafarette.

Dead Bug Creek First Impressions Review

Some really sweet words from the folks at VR Games For on Dead Bug Creek

Citizen Kane to Call of Duty: The rise of video games in education

I had the honor of being interviewed by the wonderful Jess Conditt for a piece on Engadget.

Dead Bug Creek at Siggraph's VR Village

Dead Bug Creek was selected to showcase at Siggraph 2015's inaugural VR Village, held August 9-13 2015 in Los Angeles. We were honored to be the sole student project chosen to be a part of the event, live demoing a work-in-progress build of the game for attendees.