Make.Believe Exhibition

Platforms: PC, Physical Activation

Language: C#

Tools Used: 3DS Max, Unity 3D, Adobe CC, CorelDraw, Oculus SDK

Team Size: 1

My role: Creator, Spatial & Graphic Designer, Concept Design & Research, Writing, Execution

We're giving Comic-Con back its soul.

Make.Believe is a conceptual activation event for San Diego Comic Con. It is an exploration of why geeks love the things we love and our deep connection to fiction.

It's curious to me why so many of us find an affinity for the same things. I developed an exhibition concept that explores the reason why fictional realities are so magnetic and what makes being a geek something beautiful and deeply human. Along the way, I designed the identity & logo for the exhibition, its programming, environmental graphics, the form language and topology of the exhibition, its calendar of events, a zine, a process book, and a rough virtual reality walk through of the space.


I designed a series of experiences which tie together to tell a larger story about the nature of geek culture at large.

  • An series of interactive projections teasing out the connections between seemingly disparate stories, games, and ideas
  • A hijacked Meyers-Briggs personality test
  • A massive infographic of Joseph Campbell's monomyth theory (AKA the Hero's Journey)
  • A monument to the many iconic designs, costumes and totems in popular culture
  • A "cone of silence" confessional for participants to share their experiences and inspiration

Each area touches on an important part of geekdom and its impact on us as creators and consumers of popular culture. Make.Believe serves as a reminder and a participatory moment of reflection that brings us back to the first moments that changed us forever, the wonder of discovering something that is a visceral reflection of who you are.